Our Story

Who we are and what we do

Who we are


A catalyst accelerates change without itself being affected,
and usually precipitates a milestone event.

Our Story

We manage an international portfolio of leading interior surface brands. We forge deep partnerships with brands and other companies to connect the dots between market expectations and surface solutions that transcend time and trends. A sense of daring is important to us, and we delve readily into new markets to expand our sales network and drive industry transformation. We evolve traditional approaches through innovative strategies, yet remain rooted in our core values of integrity, sincerity and creative ingenuity.

Our Maxim


Our mindset is focused on driving momentum and transformation, through a balance of ingenuity and collaboration, to deliver extraordinary value.


Our heartbeat rests on the importance of mastering core fundamentals with clarity of thought to fulfill our corporate and personal responsibilities.


Our actions reflect our goal to be visionary and dynamic in today’s interconnected economy whilst being perceptive to local culture.

Our Founder

Geraldine Tan


With over 20 years of experience in the interior surfaces industry, Geraldine’s expertise extends from marketing, sales to business development. Geraldine intuitively and aptly reimages how interior materials should be marketed and sold. At Catalyste, she is at the heart of development, marketing, sales and communication strategies.

Geraldine is concurrently the Business Development Director of regional interior surfaces powerhouse TAK Products & Services Pte Ltd, Co-founder of TAK Products & Services Co, Ltd (Thailand) and co-founder of W+G Co. Ltd.

Our Team

Business Development and Marketing

Shane Chong

MANAGER - Business Development

“A maverick infused with curiosity and drive”
With more than 10 years of experience in managing a diverse portfolio of market leading brands and accounts; Shane is the point person for matters relating to marketing, brand management and business development in Catalyste. A creative solver of challenges, his work mantra includes openness and excellence in well-thought through solutions with long-term returns in mind.

Lynn Sim

EXECUTIVE - Marketing

“An inquisitive and intuitive artist”
Being inherently determined and pragmatic, Lynn also brings with her a data-driven approach to whatever tasks she is assigned to handle. With a healthy catalogue of past work experiences, Lynn intends to bring forth innovative yet effective marketing ideas and concepts which will help advance Catalyste into new markets.

Teo Hui Shi


“An empathetic storyteller”
Honed by her experiences in social media marketing, Hui Shi is passionate about effective communication and an advocate of storytelling. In Catalyste, she curates various contents, develops suitable concepts to inspire and inform.  A natural confidant, Hui Shi enjoys being immersed in conversations about life.

Tony Tan

MANAGER - Corporate Communications

“An extroverted wordsmith”
Always willing to initiate a conversation or pen down a descriptive paragraph (or two), Tony passionately believes in the power of the word – spoken and written. With an extensive background in journalism and corporate communications, he is always excited about sharing stories of Catalyste and its brands.

Sales - Singapore

Tony Chua

MANAGER - Direct Sales

“A positive spirited activator”
Tony is re-known in the industry for boundless energy and vigour. With more than 10 years of sales experience, Tony has adapted and proven capable in various business conditions and segments. As the direct sales manager for Catalyste, Tony is responsible for Singapore sales and regional specifications for O2 and Dekodur Distil.

Sam Lim

EXECUTIVE, Specifications

“A sincere, confident live-wire”
As Specifications executive, Sam is avid in networking; a confident presenter and is known for his sincere client servicing. With 7 years of experience in Residential/Commercial Interior Designing, he understands the balance of aesthetics design, commercial viability and timeline requirements.

Bobby Ong

EXECUTIVE, Specifications

“An artistic, ingenious collaborator.”
Having enjoyed success in domestic interior design work, Bobby brings with him, an ingenious approach to marry aesthetic design and practical functionality. He is a strong advocate of handling each challenge with utmost professionalism and being solution-driven.

Wilson See

Snr. EXECUTIVE, Specifications

“An entrepreneurial, focused go-getter”

Wilson successes in attaining specifications are built on excellent relationships with clients and providing practical solutions. As the senior specification executive, he is recognized as a responsible team member, resourceful and customer oriented.

Sales - Malaysia

Marianne Yap


“An affectionate, supportive dynamo”
Marianne brings to Catalyste Malaysia with over 10 years of experience in client management, business development in the interior surfaces industry. Leading the sales team in Malaysia, her warm personable charisma builds strong bonds with clients and partners alike.

Hazel Kok

EXECUTIVE, Specifications

A passionate and ambitious explorer
A self-motivated and passionate salesperson, Hazel loves her current role in Catalyste. Active in following-up on specifications from projects, she works on improving her skills to deliver her best.

Samantha Low

EXECUTIVE, Specifications

“Courageous, passionate nurturer”
A proactive and active listener, Samantha is an experienced sales executive with a strong emphasis on understanding and meeting client requirements. As a founding member of the Malaysia sales team, Samantha works closely with the contractor and commercial distribution segments.

Customer Service and Supply Chain

Rachel Lee

ASSISTANT MANAGER, Admin & Operations

“Amiable and affectionate guardian”
A focused and highly empathetic individual, Rachel plays a critical role in the Catalyste business process. As the senior in customer service excellence, Rachel shines in anticipating and meeting various customer order fulfilment requirements. Highly adaptable and positive, Rachel is a firm believer of “always learning, constantly improving”.

Paul Goodwin

MANAGER - Supply Chain

“An outgoing and extroverted forward thinker”
With over 30 years of experience in Procurement, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Paul brings a diverse portfolio of experience to Catalyste. Paul aims to drive value and support by flexible and innovative Supply Chain and other Business solutions to bring sustainability in business operations with a collaborative and holistic approach.

K Thwe Soe (KK)

EXECUTIVE. Sales Support

“A vivacious and energetic extrovert”
With over 7 years experience in various industries as a sales support specialist, K Thwe (KK) is the go-to-person for order processing and account order fulfilment. A person naturally imbued with initiative,  She enjoys interacting with people of different cultures and is experienced to work within tight deadlines. 

Adeline Chua

Sales & Admin Support

“A Passionate And Friendly Optimist”

Naturally affable, Adeline enjoys interacting and creating deep connections with people. With 20 years of experience in Sales and Administration, she strives to understand and serve clients’ needs with excellence. Adeline is passionate in learning new skills and seeks innovative ways to enhance customer experience at Catalyste.

Office and Administration

Evelyn Chong

MANAGER - Office and Administration

“A multi-tasking extraordinaire”
Evelyn takes the lead in ensuring the office and all administrative matters in Catalyste runs like clockwork. Her wide-ranging scope includes administrative and secretarial duties, travel planning and IT support. As the backbone of Catalyste, Evelyn’s innate organisational skills, systematic thinking and eye for detail ensures that all critical matters are addressed.