Our Story

Who we are and what we do

Who we are


A catalyst accelerates change without itself being affected,
and usually precipitates a milestone event.

Our Story

We manage an international portfolio of leading interior surface brands. We forge deep partnerships with brands and other companies to connect the dots between market expectations and surface solutions that transcend time and trends. A sense of daring is important to us, and we delve readily into new markets to expand our sales network and drive industry transformation. We evolve traditional approaches through innovative strategies, yet remain rooted in our core values of integrity, sincerity and creative ingenuity.

Our Maxim


Our mindset is focused on driving momentum and transformation, through a balance of ingenuity and collaboration, to deliver extraordinary value.


Our heartbeat rests on the importance of mastering core fundamentals with clarity of thought to fulfill our corporate and personal responsibilities.


Our actions reflect our goal to be visionary and dynamic in today’s interconnected economy whilst being perceptive to local culture.

Our Founder

Geraldine Tan


With over 20 years of experience in the interior surfaces industry, Geraldine’s expertise extends from marketing, sales to business development. Geraldine intuitively and aptly reimages how interior materials should be marketed and sold. At Catalyste, she is at the heart of development, marketing, sales and communication strategies.

Geraldine is concurrently the Business Development Director of regional interior surfaces powerhouse TAK Products & Services Pte Ltd, Co-founder of TAK Products & Services Co, Ltd (Thailand) and co-founder of W+G Co. Ltd.

Our Team

Business Development and Corporate Communications

Shane Chong

MANAGER, Business Development

“A curious, driven maverick”
Shane has more than 10 years of experience in managing market-leading brands and accounts. He is the point person for marketing, brand management, and business development at Catalyste. A creative solver, his work mantra includes openness and astute, practical solutions with long-term returns in mind.

Tony Tan

MANAGER, Corporate Communications

“An extroverted wordsmith”
Always willing to initiate a conversation or pen down a descriptive paragraph (or two), Tony passionately believes in the power of the word – spoken and written. With an extensive background in journalism and corporate communications, he is always excited about sharing stories of Catalyste and its brands.

Design and Marketing

Lynn Sim

SENIOR EXECUTIVE, Product Development

“An inquisitive, intuitive artist”
Inherently determined and pragmatic, Lynn has a rational, data-driven approach to her role and the tasks that come with it. With a healthy catalogue of past work experiences, she strives to bring forth innovative yet effective marketing ideas and concepts that will help advance Catalyste into new markets.

Teo Hui Shi


“An empathetic storyteller”
Honed by her experiences in social media marketing, Hui Shi is passionate about effective communication as well as an advocate of storytelling. At Catalyste, she curates content and develops suitable concepts to inspire and inform.  A natural confidant, she enjoys conversations about life.

Max Soon

EXECUTIVE, Marketing

“An innovative creator”
With a positive mindset geared towards viewing all things as possibilities and opportunities as well as a knack for creative content generation, Max embraces the power of visual communication. A storyteller at heart, with a strong cooperative spirit, he passionately pursues optimal marketing ideas and solutions at Catalyste.

Sales - Singapore

Tony Chua

MANAGER, Direct Sales

“A positive spirited activator”
Well-known in the industry for his boundless energy and vigour, and with more than a decade in sales, Tony has a proven track record in various business segments. As the direct sales manager for Catalyste, he is responsible for Singapore sales and regional specifications for Dekodur Distil and O2.

Sam Lim

EXECUTIVE, Specifications

“A sincere, confident live-wire”
Sam is a networking aficionado and confident presenter who is well regarded for his sincerity in client servicing. With over seven years of experience in interior design, he also innately understands the delicate balance of design aesthetics, commercial viability, and timeline requirements.

Jasmine Ng

EXECUTIVE, Specifications

“A proactive communicator”
A passionate individual with over five years of experience in sales, Jasmine is a keen learner and is committed to constant self-development. An effective communicator and sincere listener, she aspires to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with Catalyste’s greatest resource: its customers.

Wilson See

SENIOR EXECUTIVE, Specifications

“An entrepreneurial, focused go-getter”
Wilson’s achievements in attaining myriad specifications are built on a strong foundation of nurturing excellent client relationships and consistently proposing practical solutions. Recognised as a responsible and resourceful team member at Catalyste, he is also extremely customer-oriented.

Sales - Malaysia

Marianne Yap


“An affectionate, supportive dynamo”
With her warm personality, imbued with the right amount of charisma, Marianne is able to build strong bonds and relationships with her clients. As the sales team leader at Catalyste Malaysia, she brings over 10 years of experience in client management and business development in the interior surfaces industry

Hazel Kok

EXECUTIVE, Specifications

“An impassioned, ambitious explorer “
A self-motivated and enthusiastic sales practitioner, Hazel loves travelling and discovery. With an attitude geared towards learning and disciplined follow-up, she relishes her role at Catalyste Malaysia where she actively and promptly follows through on specifications for all projects.

Samantha Low

EXECUTIVE, Specifications

“A courageous, passionate nurturer”
An active listener, Samantha is an experienced salesperson who believes that achieving success is down to thoroughly understanding a client’s needs. As a founding member of Catalyste Malaysia’s sales team, her role encompasses contractor and commercial distribution segments.

Customer Service and Supply Chain

Rachel Lee

ASSISTANT MANAGER, Admin & Operations

“An amiable, affectionate guardian”
A focused and highly empathetic individual, Rachel is adept in the art of customer service. At Catalyste, she shines when it comes to anticipating and meeting the requirements of customer order fulfillment. Highly adaptable and positive, she believes that one is “always learning, constantly improving”.

Adeline Chua

EXECUTIVE, Sales & Admin Support

“A friendly optimist”
Naturally affable, Adeline enjoys interacting with people. With over two decades of experience in Sales and Administration, she is adept in understanding myriad client needs. She is also always eager to acquire new skills and seek innovative ways of enhancing customer experience at Catalyste.

Juliet Lee

ASSISTANT MANAGER, International Sales Operations

“An affable ambivert”
Juliet has two decades of experience in the sales and business operations management where she has consistently performed above expectations. Industrious and enthusiastic, with a keen eye for details as well as an eagerness to contribute towards company success, she fulfils the role of facilitator and coordinator in Catalyste’s international sales team.

Paul Goodwin

MANAGER, Supply Chain Management

“An outgoing forward thinker”
Paul has over 30 years of experience in Procurement, Operations and Supply Chain Management under his belt. At Catalyste, he aims to drive value and enhance support by bringing flexible and innovative solutions. He believes sustainable business operations need collaborative and holistic approaches.

Administration, Human Resources and Office

Evelyn Chong

MANAGER, Office and Administration

“A multi-tasking extraordinaire”
As the backbone of the company, Evelyn ensures that all office and administrative matters at Catalyste are in order. These include secretarial duties, travel planning, IT support, and much more. Her organisational skills, systematic thinking, and eye for detail are second to none.

Rebecca Fung

MANAGER, Human Resource

“Passionate People Developer”
A seasoned and pragmatic HR professional with over a decade’s experience in a variety of industries, Rebecca is passionate about developing individuals and organisations to their full potential. A firm believer that everyone should have the courage to try new things, she aspires to develop and strengthen Catalyste’s HR capabilities to support the company’s business growth.