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July 2019


Launch of O2+ and new Dekodur Distil designs and finish

"Made Different" @ Archidex 2019, Malaysia

May 2019


Lamitak launches – Lamitak Portfolio Vol 2.

“The Journey Begins”

Feb 2019


Introduction of Dekodur Distil Flux 2.0

7 new designs and 1 new finish

July 2018


Showcase of Magic Touch collection

@ Archidex 2018, Malaysia

May 2018


Launch of Digital Print Collection : artak

Digital Print collection from TAK

February 2018


WG launches O2 in Thailand

Catalyste created specific range for W+G (Thailand).

July 2017


Showcase of Dekodur Distil in Malaysia

@ Archidex 2017

Oct 2016


Catalyste launches Dekodur Distil - Flux

First specialist metal HPL collection

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