Leaders in Laminate Industry



Lamitak flirts with the worlds of fashion and design and sets trends. What sets us apart is our passion for creating exciting designs matched by superior surface quality and ultimate performance. We believe in creating lifestyle choices, helping people turn their dreams into reality.


O2 Surfaces + Laminates

A fresh approach towards an interior surface collection. O2 is affixed on designs and experiences being intuitive, at accessible price-points to form intriguing possibilities.

O2 was founded by Catalyste on the ethos of redefining value through quality, originality and simplicity. By endowing our surface materials with character and understated dynamism, O2 presents modest yet unifying bases that help epitomize your personal sense of interior style.



Launched in 2017, Distil, a brand from Dekodur, one of Germany’s most recognised laminate names, mesmerises with Flux – a special range of metal laminates created for Asia.

Experience its distinctive finishing which excites with visual and tactile effects to entice and enliven. Simply stunning and a sure-fire way to make a bold statement in your living or workspace.